Monday, 1 January 2018

Stuff on the table - January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone let's hope it's a good one! Here's what I've got on the go as we start the year:
  • Zvezda 1/144th Ju-87 Stuka (2017)
  • Revell 1/144th Me-262 (2016)
  • Newline Designs 10mm Roman Princeps (2016)
I only have 28mm or 10mm figures outstanding at the moment having painted up all the 15mm last year. The plan (and we all know what happens to plans) is to crack on with the 10mm but also have a few 28mm on the go as well to give some variety. I find that when you'be been painting a smaller scale and then when you work on a 28/32mm figure they seem really easy to paint.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Stuff on the table - December 2017 update

Here's the final update for stuff on the table for 2017:

  • Zvezda 1/144th Ju-87 Stuka (2017) - no further progress
  • Privateer Press Hordes Ravagore (2016) - COMPLETED
Additional items worked on:
  • Battlefront 15mm Panzer Grenadier platoon (Winter) (2016) - cleaned, primed, painted, varnished, based COMPLETED 
  • Newline Designs 10mm Roman Princeps (2016) - cleaned, primed, started painting
  • Revell 1/144th Me-262 (2016) - started assembly
And that's it. I'll do a summary of 2017 early on in 2018 and I wish everyone all the best for the new year and beyond.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Stuff on the table - December 2017

Here's what's on the table as we enter the last month of the year:
  • Zvezda 1/144th Ju-87 Stuka (2017)
  • Privateer Press Hordes Ravagore (2016)
The Ravagore is virtually complete, just needs final assembly and details and a bit of work on the base. It's the last Privateer Press item that I have to do. I like to have one or two to work on a year but no more than that as they are really time consuming. 
The Stuka has been sitting there complete and waiting a paint job for a couple of months now. I also have a Revell and two Eudard 1/144th Stukas to be done. Annoyingly all of them are slightly different sizes. I need to make a decision on what to do with them.

Time permitting what with Christmas and everything, I'll start on some of the 10mm Punic Wars backlog and/or some plane kits and/or the 15mm Panzer Grenadier platoon.